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Produceoptimised cutting maps in seconds to cut material waste and save time andmoney.

OptiCut is apanels and profiles cutting optimization software, based on a powerfulmultimode, multiformat, and multimaterial algorithm.

OptiCut Pro PPoutputs the code to run a large range of CNC saws with unlimited parts peroptimisation. All other versions of OptiCut work with manual saws, with versionvarying depending on the number of parts per optimisation (50, 200, 500 orunlimited).

OptiCutfeatures grain direction, trim cuts, plated edges and pre-cuts, stoks andreusable falls, panels turnaround, and parametric labels.

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Essentials training pack (8 hours) - discounted price, must be purchased with software   £900.00
OptiCut Pro PP Licence   £2,695.00
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