Tool holders (Collet Chuck) complete with Collet Nut - HSK63F

  • Brand: Klein
  • Product Code: MAX-HSK
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HSK63F Toolholder (Collet Chuck) complete with Collet Nut by Klein®

Upgrade your CNC machine with our complete HSK63F tool holders, including the collet nut.

Experience exceptional precision and performance with our high-quality tool holders designed for HSK63F spindles.

Achieve secure and reliable tool clamping, ensuring optimal machining results.

  • HSK63F tool holders are supplied with nut (without collet)
  • Balanced to 24000 RPM
  • Threaded nut DIN 6499 (ER32 - ER40)
  • Threaded nut DIN 6388 (EOC25/SYOZ25/RDO35/442E)
  • For the collets see our section: collets
  • To be used on our adjustable demount device HSK63F Tightening Device
  • These tool holders ensure a maximum error of concentricity between the conical part and the tool's seat of 0.003mm (Runout: 0.0001")
  • The ball bearing clamping nut improves the clamping precision thanks to a homogeneous clamping force. It can be used both for the right-hand and left-hand rotation.

Part No.   Size Type Price Quantity  
MAX-HSK-63-ER32   ER32 HSK F63 £98.00
MAX-HSK-63-ER40   ER40 HSK F63 £110.00
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